Bryn reached out about October wedding photography at the very beginning of quarantine. We were so very hopeful that the pandemic would be behind us and the wedding would go on with their dearest friends and families would be there to celebrate with them. Well as we all know, covid did not go away, but when Bryn and Yvonne did get married and they did have their closest friends and family there. Since they couldn’t have ALL their friends and family with them, they added a big reception in October in 2021!

During our initial zoom meeting, Bryn and Yvonne shared their story with me. They met through an online dating site shortly after Bryn transitioned. Not only did they match on one site, but they matched on a second one too! During our engagement session, Yvonne asked me to take a portrait of Bryn to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his transition.

We started our day with Bryn and Yvonne getting ready. My second photographer, Megan, went to cover Bryn at home while I was with Yvonne at a hotel. The getting ready photos are always exciting for me. It’s the warm up to the day. The energy and the emotion are high and the whole day is ahead of us. In 2020 I did not have a lot of opportunities to be part of getting ready photos, so this day was exciting and special for me. The opportunity to photograph Yvonne getting her makeup done by her daughter on her wedding day was such a sweet and memorable moment. It was always really special that Yvonne’s mom and best friends could be there with her.

After Yvonne’s dress went on we left for The Greenbriar Inn in Boulder. Bryn was already there with his groomsmen setting out some of the decorations. Yvonne is a big fan of Disney and Mickey Mouse, so there were details sprinkled throughout the venue and even in Yvonne’s bouquet.

October weather was just perfect for their ceremony, as were the sentimental words that were delivered from their friends and family, with several Disney references worked in for Yvonne!

The photos following the ceremony were filled with levity and joy! I could feel the love and support for this adored couple! The cocktail hour and the toasts were so filled with the joy and laughter that we all needed after such a hard season.

Their journey towards their wedding day, the support from their loved ones, and the incredible bond that Yvonne and Bryn shared made this wedding a truly special one. I felt incredibly lucky that they picked me and that I could work with this LGTBQ couple and share in their journey.I smiled behind my mask throughout the entire day. I think Yvonne and Bryn brought me back to life a bit! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to know these two and am thrilled that we can do it again in 2021! Congratulations to a couple that so quickly made me feel like a friend! Cheers!