Kara always schedules her sessions for the fall about four months in advance because she knows what happens during wedding season! I love knowing they are up coming on my schedule. From our very first time meeting, these guys have always let me take the kind of photos that I do best. The moments. We don’t make a plan, we just go with the flow and the outcome never disappoints.

Brothers are so fun to observe through my lens. Caring, playful, energetic and full of ideas. I’m always so pleased to have them direct our time together. They are sweet and excited to show my their rooms. They also always remember that when I’m there for photos that get to jump on mom and dad’s bed. Nothing gets past these two buds.

Thank you to Kara and Chris for trusting me with these important memories and for sticking with me all these years. Clients like you are gold and I’ll always be happy to come over and spend Sunday morning with you.

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