My most popular package is 8 hours with a 2nd photographer that can be traded out for an engagement session. I get a lot of questions from couples about whether an engagement session is worth the time and expense. While it’s really a personal choice and different for each couple, there a somethings to consider when decide whether an engagement session is right for you.

couple in mountains looking at each other
  • Get used to being in front of the camera. I often hear that my couples don’t want an engagement session because they are “awkward” in front of the camera… or “can’t take a good photo. My response to that is all the more reason to have an engagement session! I hear this and thing “game on”! I want to be the one to give you a photo that you love that represents who you are as a couple.
black and white photo of engaged couple
  • Learn the poses. I have different poses that I like to teach my couples during an engagement session… they are not super complicated; they typically sound something like this “back to chest, elbow hug, nose to nose, gentle next squeeze, lift, spin, dip and kiss”. Easy peasey, but also maybe a little confusing (and also hilarious) the first time we run through them The joke at the end of an engagement session is that you’ve passed boot camp are have graduated to wedding day photography.
couple holding hand in rocky mountain national park
  • I get to know how you are in front of the camera. I use the engagement session to study and prepare for having my couples in front of my camera on their wedding day. Some people tend to raise their shoulders. Others drop their chin too low, or lift it too high. You may be unsure what to do with their hands. Having a feel for what your tendencies are in front of the camera allows me to guide you better on your wedding day.
couple kissing in front of mountain backdrop
  • You know how I am behind the camera. I’m mostly goofy and a little clumsy with a splash of fun. I don’t want this to suck for you. I like to think of it as a date, but with me. It’s very low pressure. It’s silly. It’s also a collaboration. I don’t roll in with an agenda. I work off your energy and if you have an idea, or if you don’t love one of mine, we do what works best. The best compliment I’ve ever received was from a very reluctant groom. At the end of our session he said, “That was actually really fun!”
engaged couple holding hands in middle of road with mountains in background
  • You feel more comfortable in front of my camera on your wedding day. This is what is most important. When you do an engagement session with me and you realize that I’m not going to put you in stiff poses or anything outside of your comfort zone, you trust me on your wedding day. When you know that it’s just the two of you with a person you trust to make you look like you, that photographs well.
couple kissing during engagement session
  • Save the Date photo. Your guests love a Save the Date with a photo of the two of you. Having a professional one that you love gives you total bragging rights, without having to actually brag out loud. It’s more likely to get a front row spot on the fridge, which acts as a reminder to RSVP in time.
couple on a rock in rocky mountain national park
  • Create a guestbook for your wedding day. I love helping couples put together guest books from their engagement sessions. This is an easy add on to your wedding package. I do the album design. you sign off on it and pick your album cover and you have your guest book + a beautiful keepsake from your wedding day. Can’t go wrong.
couple in mountains for engagement session
  • Create a piece of art for your home. Most of my engagement sessions include a backdrop that is of some importance to my couples. It could be the mountains or the cityscape. It could be the CU campus where you met, or a bar downtown. Taking time to do photos together prior to your wedding gives you the opportunity to customize a person session prior to your wedding day so you can have a piece of art from a place that has a lot of meaning to you.
  • Gift your parents. It’s no secret that parents love photos of their kids, regardless of how old they may be. If your parents are helping with your wedding, gifting them with a framed print or an album is a great way to show your appreciation and create something beautiful leading up to your big day.
  • Get your dog in the photos. I have many couples who are crazy about their dogs but can’t bring them to their wedding. An engagement session is a great chance to incorporate your furbaby and celebrate your little family.