Now Booking – Class of 2023 Seniors!

What? … I know, I’m right there with the parents of seniors who I’ll photograph this year. I’m not sure I can do this (emotionally), and also there is no way I’m going to miss any of it. As the end of the school year approaches, and we embark on the journey of closing this…

What? … I know, I’m right there with the parents of seniors who I’ll photograph this year. I’m not sure I can do this (emotionally), and also there is no way I’m going to miss any of it. As the end of the school year approaches, and we embark on the journey of closing this chapter of high school, I keep thinking back to the first day of Kindergarten. We were still so very attached, yet I was sad and scared to see the pre-elementary era come to an end. We set off on the path behind our home towards Fireside and I left her at the door of Mrs Spruces door, just like many of you also did on that same day. What followed that first day of Kindergarten were school years that, while at times were challenging, were mostly enriching years with incredible teachers, friends, classmates and experiences. Even though covid and home schooling deprived her of a normal high school experience, I was gifted more time with my family and that part did not suck at all. I am grateful for how the last 12 years have shaped her as a person and prepared her for her future. I also plan to be there for all of it this next year. For this reason, my senior sessions will be limited (except for Cassidy who might have to put up with many, many photos with me in these next few months!)

Anyway, I’m with you parents. I feel you. It’s okay to be sad for us and excited for them. We can be both. Let’s talk about how we can capture these days with your soon to be senior in highs school!

Step 1: Read this!

When is the best time to book a senior photo session?

Most schools require you to submit your photos at the end of October. You should schedule your session about 3-4 weeks in advance for August or September. 2023 seniors still have time to schedule to schedule there 2022 session!

How long are your senior sessions?

My sessions are typically one hour long, but please leave 90 minutes in case we need more time. For seniors who are interested in a quick session, I do offer 30-minute mini sessions. Pricing can be found on my website.

What locations do you recommend for the session?

I have many great locations in Louisville and Boulder. The best location depends on what your senior cares most about. We can plan on a more urban background or something more natural. If you are doing a full session, we can even hit two locations. I like to schedule a consultation to discuss location options about a week before your session.

What if it rains? Will we be able to reschedule?

Yes. Nine times out of ten the rain passes and the skies are just gorgeous for photos, so I like to wait until the last minute to reschedule. If it is not going to work to do photos because of weather we will find another date.

What should I wear?

I tell my seniors to start with what they feel most confident and happy in! I would then bring one or two additional options so that you can have a variety of looks from your session. Something more casual and also a more formal option is a good idea. If you never wear anything formal, then scratch that and just be you!

Do you edit the images?

My process is to do the initial edit and then deliver your gallery. When you have a chance to review your images you can show me your favorites so I can do another round of edits to get every stray hair and blemish. Once you receive that round of edits I will format the photo you choose for the yearbook so that it is ready to upload!

How long does it take to get the photos back?

It takes me around two weeks… but I often turn them around pretty fast 🙂

Can I bring accessories/props to my session?

Sure! Show your personality! If you have an instrument, sports equipment or letter jacket bring that along so we can document what’s important to you. Dogs are great props as well!!

Can I request specific photos from my session?

You are welcome to show me some images that you are drawn to for inspiration. I try to stick to a pretty natural and colorful style. If the images you love on Pinterest are very posed and more of a light + airy style, I’m happy to recommend someone who can better deliver that. Try getting on my IG account and liking some of the senior work I’ve done IG: carolinecolvin_seniors.

Will my images be used on your website or social media?

I would love to have your images on my IG account so that other seniors can go look for inspiration. If you are not okay with that, please let me know.

Can I post my images on social media?

You sure can and I’d be so grateful if you could tag me. I know we all love to put filters on our images, but if you could not further edit the images I deliver you, I’d appreciate it.

What is the best time of day for a session?

I typically start with seniors at 6:30 in August and closer to 6 in September. I like to time it with the sun setting over the mountains.

I don’t know how to pose for these photos. Will you help me??

Don’t sweat it. I’ll guide you through it and I’ll keep it fun (because fun photographs well!!). My poses are pretty natural and not cheesy 🙂

How many photos will I get?

This depends on if we are changing outfits and locations, but I generally deliver around 60 images for a full senior session (hint: I like to under promise and over deliver!)

What about my glasses or braces?

If you wear your glasses all the time, wear them for your session. If we have glare in your lenses, or if you want to remove braces, I can edit that out for the yearbook photo. There is an additional charge for editing any additional photos.

Can I order an album or wall art from you?

Yes! I would love for you to get these photos on your walls and your bookshelf. Please let me know if you’d like help with your online order through my gallery. I’m always happy to help if you order through me, but if you go to a one-hour lab and the color is way off, there is not much I can do with that. Please let me know if you’d like me to design an album for you.

What can I do with my gallery when I get it?

You can view your photos easily, share the gallery with friends and family, download high-res and web-sized images (please back them up when you do!) and you can order prints and products. Only the owner of the gallery has access to the images for downloading. Anyone you share with can view or order prints.

Step 2: Check out some of my work from 2021

Also, 2020…

Step 3: Have questions? Let’s jump on a call and get those answered! Or… Ready to do this? Cool! Here is the calendar to schedule your session: