Norway // Whiskey & Lights

An adventure to Norway with three amazing Colorado photographers from Boulder to photograph the northern lights.

Norway. The adventure that I never saw coming! It all started with a text from my friend Jen.

“What are you doing February 17th-25th?” … “The correct answer would be drinking whiskey with my in Norway”. How do you say no to that when the flight to Oslo was $360? I wouldn’t know, because I said, “HECK YEAH!” Apparently it’s a “yes” year.

It always takes me a month or so to process a trip like this. Looking back now, this was truly an adventure. The travel was not easy on the way there. I had a sinus infection and though my head would explode when we’d land or take of (and I did that six times). I had aggravated my IT band on my snowboard the day before and was in a lot of pain. Travel is not always easy, but, for me, it has always been worth it and this trip was no exception.

The days that we had there were so full of new experiences and getting to know my new friends. When I arrived on the ferry (that took six hours and left at 1AM) Nina picked me up and brought me “home” to our little Airbnb. I walked in smelling like essential oils, but not the good ones. The ones that smell really strong and terrible that are for immunity, like oregano… A lot of it. Possibly not the greatest first impression, but my friends thanked me for boosting their immune system.

It was cold, I was cold… all the time, but it was okay. It was even (somehow) great! I loved that we were on the ocean and in a fishing village. I loved the narrow roads (so much gratitude to my Norwegian friend, Nina, for driving!) and the surprises around every turn. We had coffee and sandwiches in quaint bakeries and learned about Norwegian foods in the grocery store. I ate so much bread and cheese and loved every bite. I like you, Norway!

We cried and screamed with joy when we were lucky enough too capture these lights. After all our planning, it was a chance encounter and we had all of 40 minutes to get our shots. There was a full moon and we were worried that it would take away from the color, if they even made an appearance. Instead the moon illuminated the mountain and the lights danced all around them. The next day we talked about how we all felt like we had over edited are images when we saw them on Instagram, but then we realized IT WAS THAT GOOD!

Our time in Lofoten was cut short by torrential rain and high winds because we were concerned that the ferry would be canceled and we’d be stuck on the island. We headed towards Oslo for our last day. Oslo was another amazing adventure and a great turn of events for us. We walked and walked and took pictures and ate more bread and cheese before heading to the airport. It was a chance to feel close to the Norwegian culture and to be part of the beat of the city. I’ve never been particularly drawn to the city, but this is one I felt really in tune with.

When I hear Phish play Farmhouse and the lines “I’ve never ever seen the northern lights” I get a little giddy. I do think I’ll see them again. It’s in my blood and I’m on the hunt for more!