Bethany and Scott contacted me about eloping in Colorado she had an idea of what she wanted, but needed some help with the logistics for their day. We set up a call and talked through their priorities. We decided on Loveland Pass for their location. Because weekends there can get busy and parking can sometimes be a challenge, I suggested we try for a Monday. They were on board with that and we confirmed the date and location.
This was a super fun one for me for many reasons. First, these two were just so lovely to work with. They were just so excited to be marrying each other in Colorado. Scott is a brewer and Bethany is a nurse. We decided that it would be fun to incorporate beer in their wedding celebration. Bethany’s mom also wanted to surprise them with a cake! She reached out about making it a surprise and I was happy to bring it up to Loveland Pass for them.
This was also very special because my daughter joined as my assistant. She was very excited and incredibly helpful with the lights and my bags. After we had the ceremony we took some photos against a few different backdrops. As the sun was dropping Sierra and I decided we’d stay to try to get a look at Comet Neowise and invited Bethany and Scott to join us. They were happy to stick around and we were able to get some photos of them with the comet in the background!
A win all around and a wonderful memory from a challenging wedding season. Thank you to Bethany and Scott for being so lovely to work with and for trusting all my ideas! A special thanks to my wonderful daughter for being so upbeat and excited to take part in this with me.