bride and groom dance in a fields after ceremony

Laura & Dave Grand Lake, CO

Laura and Dave’s Grand Lake wedding at AA Barn.

Laura and Dave good married in Grand Lake, one of my very favorite locations to photograph weddings! I met them through past clients, Eileen and Chris, and they were the fourth wedding in this really amazing group of friends. I loved seeing so many past clients turned friends over the years and pretty much never stopped smiling at this beautiful wedding. To top things off, I had the amazingly talented, Megan Alverez assisting me on this day. She has been a great friend and we always have a blast working together.

Some favorite details about this day…. The beautiful dress below was made by Laura’s mom. It fit Laura perfectly and she was stunning in it! I met Laura’s mom a year earlier at Laura’s best friend’s wedding and knew that she was working on this dress. It was such an emotional moment seeing her mom help her into it. In addition to making this dress, Laura’s mom made the cake and helped with many of the wedding details.

The ceremony was at the AA Barn, which was pretty much a dream location for me. The grass was so green and flowing river was the perfect background. Dave and his groomsmen arrived early to help set up the venue. When the girls arrived we set up the first look for Laura and Dave with the wedding party looking on.

The ceremony was officiated by both of Laura and Dave’s sisters. It was personal, humorous and heartfelt. As Laura and Dave walked up the aisle the were received with high fives and hugs from their adoring friends and family. As we did the family formals, guests enjoyed the first half of cocktail hour with drinks and bags. As guests loaded the bus, Laura, Dave and I walked back towards the river for some portraits of the two of them. Laura’s dress was flowed in the air when she would spin around and I think she was dizzy after from all the spinning… but white dress gains the beautiful green was just SO good!!

We moved along to the reception site right on Grand Lake and Laura and Dave joined guests for the second part of their cocktail hour at Cork on the Water. Guests were called for dinner where Laura’s parents did a beautiful welcome. After dinner and toasts, we went down to the lake for some sunset photos with Laura and Dave. It was so beautiful by the lake and tourists were so happy to see this beautiful couple!

The evening went on with a very energetic dance party. I knew to expect this, since I was lucky enough to be the wedding photographer for several of their guests. The energy built throughout the night and I had a hard time packing up my gear and leaving this one. It was a bittersweet one for me, I don’t have another wedding from this friend group on the books because they are all married now! I’m hoping that we get to see each other again for a reunion soon. I am so grateful for the love and support of these amazing couples! Every single one of these weddings was so beautiful and special to me.