Katy wanted snow for her wedding day, and snow she got! This one was special for me. Katy found me through her high school friend. So did two other high school friends from this crew! I’ll have four weddings from this friend tribe and I think I’m close to be in this tribe too! At least they let me think that in the way they welcome me into their lives and treat me like an old pal… but maybe it’s because I AM their “old” pal. Every friend group needs one.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch is a dream for me. I love snow, trees, cabins, horses and fireplaces. DTR has all these things! Photographing Katy in her cabin was just about as good as it gets for winter window light. We took threes steps away from the cabin for bridesmaid photos against the perfect Aspen trees.

We traveling to yet another mountain cabin for the ceremony. Katy and Lionel’s dog, Blu waiting patiently at the top of the aisle while mom and dad got married. He was one proud dog to be standing up beside them on their wedding day.

Following the ceremony we did wedding party photos as cross country skiers passed by and the snow continued to fall. We strolled down a snow covered road for pictures of Katy and Lionel. I found myself in waist deep snow at one point when I tried to step off the path. It was a great wintery adventure to be out there with me.

When we got back to the reception the mariachi band was in full swing! The guests were thrilled to welcome Katy and Lionel back. Before taking theirs seats they thanked their friends and family in three languages -Norwegian for Katy’s relatives and Mexican for Lionel’s! This was a true cultural celebration that honored both heritages. As I knew they would (from experience) this crew kept me on my toes on the dance floor, as to not miss a thing! The party energy and love on the dance floor made it impossible to leave, so I stayed a bit later so not to miss a these sold gold moments of joy and love and celebration on the dance floor in honor of Katy and Lionel.

A huge thank you to the team at Hourglass Productions for putting on another perfect event. Lauren and her team know how to throw a party!

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