An August day in Boulder at the Greenbriar, so green and so pretty! Add these two beautiful people and a whole lot of love from their adoring friends and family. This day was so happy!
Jessica and Eric thought of everything to keep their friends and family safe. My favorite covid season detail was the bracelets and the signage that allowed each guest to wear their covid comfort level on their wrist. This made it so simple to communicate whether a hug, fist bump, or smile was the preferred way to be greeted.
In addition to the bracelets, Eric’s mom created custom masks for each guest. The Greenbriar did a phenomenal job keeping the guests safe while serving amazing dishes. The cake cutting even has a whole new covid protocol and the staff was clearly and effectively communicated how it would be cut and served.
As a photographer, my number one goal in 2020 was to make sure that my couples felt safe having me there. I always set up a call with my couples before the wedding day, this year that conversation centered around what our covid plan was, who was nervous about being there, should we do family formals and how can we do that safely.
I was incredibly impressed with the efforts my couples put into having responsible weddings in 2020. With each out I was a part of I was able to move to the next one with a better understanding of how to do things right during a pandemic. This was an experience that I never expected to need, but I’m glad I can take these lessons forward as we start a new wedding season. I’m very hopeful that we won’t need to worry so much about protecting people from covid in 2021, but the wedding vendors and venues now know what it takes to help you marry your partner.
Here are some favorites from Jessica and Eric’s Greenbriar Inn wedding in August.

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