Talk to friends and family about their comfort level.   

Putting out some feelers before committing to your plan will keep you from being disappointed if guests decide not to travel to your wedding. Are they okay being group pictures? Are they comfortable being seated at a table?

Check your contracts with vendors.

My vendors are okay with you moving your event, but deposits are typically not refundable if you cancel completely. 

Understand the city, state laws.  

This has been a doozy and plans change fast. The city of Boulder might have different restrictions than the state. Eloping in Summit is different than Boulder. It’s complicated, people, trust me. Be responsible. No the rules. Keep your guests safe.

Talk to your venue.

See what they are doing to keep guests safe. Most of the venues I’ve worked at during covid have done a very good job understanding what the laws are and also taking extra measures to keep guests safe, especially when it comes to food. I had no idea that the cake cutting had so many restrictions until I worked with the captain at one of my favorite venues. After I was able to guide my couples through what the expectations are.

Set expectations.   

There may not be a dance floor at your wedding. It may get uncomfortable if some guests consume too much alcohol and let their guard down. The party may look different, but the important thing is that YOU GET MARRIED. Don’t lose sight of this and it’s okay to expect your guests to be respectful of your covid era wedding plans. 

Have a plan.  

Things can change quickly be ready to pivot. Having plans A, B and C is important. Almost every couple I worked with in 2020 had to pivot at least once. Stay focused on what’s most important.

Have fun with it.  

Supply your guests with fun masks. Make a silly save the date. Make color-coded bracelets that indicate your comfort level. 

Red= please keep your distance. Yellow= I’m cool with a fist bump. Green= you can hug me. 

Take deep breaths. Trust your vendor. Love your partner.