I always feel like doing a back flip when I get a call about a wedding at Arapahoe Basin! I love skiing this mountain and I love working weddings here too! Elizabeth and Teddy were planning a wedding from Missouri, where they attend grad school. We had a couple of phone calls and then made a plan to meet around the holidays. I loved hearing about their areas of expertise, even if I didn’t totally understand them! It was clear that these two were incredibly passionate about their careers and each other!

Elizabeth got ready at a condo in Frisco while Teddy got ready down the road. Elizabeth was luck to have two sisters doting over her and making sure that everything was just right.

When we arrived at the venue the weather rolled in. As a Colorado wedding photographer, I’ve learned to be prepared for any weather and also be patient with it. There is not much you can do outside of wait when the ceremony is outside. It’s so important to keep come and help to reassure that it will pass, or we will move it, but the show WILL go on and there will be a wedding! We waited, and we waited a little more. Elizabeth remained calm the whole time and passed the time talking with her sisters and friends, while Teddy waited at the top for his bride. The waiting paid off. The clouds parted and everyone boarded the lift for the top of the mountain!

The ceremony was performed by Teddy’s sister and was so beautifully delivered. The backdrop was stunning and the clouds added great contrast to the blue ski. Following the ceremony Elizabeth and Teddy dug a bottle of whiskey from a box to share with friends and family, a southern tradition! We took a lap on the lift and grabbed a few more photos in front of the mountains. Elizabeth and Teddy joined their party for some festive cocktails and joyous conversations.

Inside the head table was set up against the back window. This is one of my many favorite things about photographing weddings at Black Mountain Lodge! The mountain background is so very Colorado and I love getting that in wedding photos any opportunity I get!

Elizabeth and Teddy were totally up for sneaking outside for a night shot! We had a short window when the clouds parted and so we had to act fast! I was able to get them back onto the dance floor quickly so they could dance the night away with their guests!

Another beautiful wedding at Arapaho Basin! I can’t wait to get back! Thank you Elizabeth and Teddy for choosing me for your destination wedding!