flagstaff house wedding with a ceremony at sunrise amphitheater

Sunrise Amphitheater & Flagstaff House, Boulder, CO

In 2018 Allison and Geno came to Boulder from New York City for New Year’s Eve, but Geno had a hidden agenda. Geno surprised Allison with a proposal and Boulder became a special destination for them both. They decided they would come back to have their wedding. Both Allison & Geno are in the film industry and from our very first conversation I understood how important photography was to them. We had several talks leading up to their wedding day about their plans, each one leaving me more excited for this day!

On their June wedding day of Allison and Geno anxiously watched the weather. I tried to reassure them that if it did rain, it would pass quickly. In the end, it did rain, and it did pass quickly, but not until after the ceremony. Following a rain delay, the wedding ceremony started with a warm welcome on a chilly and wet afternoon. The rain did not take away the joy that Allison and Geno felt to be marrying each other, not in the least. Allison came around the corner with her dad, beaming with so much joy. Photographing that moment of her wedding ceremony may be one of my favorite photos from this season. The second everyone saw Allison’s joy, it was clear that the rain only added to the depth and emotion of their ceremony and a wave of relief flowed through the crowd.

We moved quickly to the Flagstaff House so that the guests could get warm. We arrived as the rain stopped and we were able to do photos on the deck, overlooking Boulder. The Flagstaff House provided amazing service and ambiance for the couple and their guests. Following dinner and toasts, Allison and Geno surprised their guests with a choreographed dance. Great Family Reunion kept guests on the dance floor all night long and the evening was a perfect clear and crisp one.

A beautiful June night in Boulder, enjoyed by all who came out to celebrate with Allison Geno. They were a wedding photographer’s dream to work with, as they really cared about getting the best images from their day.

Huge kudos to the vendors Lauren Hourglass Productions, Yonder House and Great Family Reunion for hustling to keep the guests dry and comfortable during the ceremony. Reacting quickly to the changing weather, they made sure that we kept to the timeline so that Allison and Geno could enjoy their reception.

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