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I’ve always loved a good story. I studied Journalism in college. I spent hours at a time in a quiet dark room at the University of New Hampshire printing photos of my friends. I treasure them and the memories they hold. After graduating from college, I left for Colorado. I told my parents I’d be back in six months.… I’m still here.

After my daughter, Cassidy, was born I had a new reason to pick up the camera. Seeing how quickly my daughter was growing, I found a new story to tell. I discovered that the most honest photos were those that were not staged. There is a familiarity and attachment to the shots that I have of her in her first year. Seeing these photos brings out the memory of this sweet spot in life. Motherhood was new to me and the world was new to her. We both had a lot to learn.

Right after the birth of my second daughter, Sierra, I was leaving yoga and read the quote “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” I was grateful to realize the answer was clear to me. Soon after, I quit my full-time job and dedicated myself to turning my photography hobby into a career. 

I’m so happy you’ve stumbled upon my work and I hope to have the opportunity to tell your story through my photography.

My favorite things!

  • Paddleboarding at sunset
  • Parking lot happy hour after mountain biking
  • Watching my daughters and my husband play music together
  • Backcountry ski days with my dogs
  • Bluegrass festivals
  • Watching Queer Eye episodes with my daughters
  • Night walks after dinner
  • 10th Mt Division Huts trips
  • Anything tie-dye!
  • Planning birthday surprises
  • Historical Fiction
  • Ski days at Mary Jane with my hubby and girls
  • IPA on draft at my favorite brewery
  • Chasing The Northern Lights

Hut trips with my family!

Adventuring into the mountains with my family is our favorite thing to do together. We have seen some stunning mountain landscapes and connected over the struggle that can accompany reaching these destinations. Snow margs, game nights, breakfast burritos, and reading in my sleeping bag are wonderfully restoring for me. I’m always reminded of we lucky we are to live and Colorado… and that my teens actually enjoy doing hard things with us.

Traveling anywhere!

When I’m not actually traveling, I’m thinking about it. I’ve been to Haiti, Nepal, France, Iceland, India, Norway, Ireland, Alaska, Costa Rica. I’ve driven to the east coast to Colorado three times and have road-tripped all over the western states. I pull lots of inspiration from these trips. Sometimes I get to travel for photography. There’s nothing more exciting for me than exploring the world through my camera, especially when I can work with my amazing clients (I say it often, I have the best clients!)

Hikes with my pups!

I hike a lot and since most of my humans can’t take off on weekdays (the nice part about working weekends during wedding season) my dogs, Winter and Daisy, join me on many hikes around Boulder. I like to say it’s where I do my best work. I can think through upcoming work and consider how  I can improve my business to best serve my clients. I also like to use this time to listen to business books and SEO podcasts, The very best hikes are the ones that include my husband and teenage daughters, but my dogs are never too busy!

Upcoming Travel

Below are the areas where I will be traveling in 2021. If I’m in your area and you’d like a session, please reach out so we can start planning something fun for your family or elopement!

Interested in photos but I’m not in your area. Please reach out, I’d love to chat.

No travel fees in 2021! (based on availability!)

  • crested Butte / Aspen, CO — June 2021
  • New england — July 2021
  • nashville, tn — August 2021
  • WY-MT — august 2021
  • Seatte, Wa — august 2021
  • florida — november 2021
  • new england – December 2021
Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries

Beach vacations are nice, but my favorite travel adventures have been a little uncomfortable, with a bit of uncertainly. Some were born from being naturally curious, and a bit impulsive. A carefully planned VW bus adventure with my family around Alaska ending with our favorite band in Seattle may be my favorite yet. I’ve photographed health providers working in Haiti, and I’ve celebrated the northern lights with fellow photographer friends.

If you have an adventure in mind for your wedding or family session, near or far, I want to hear about it!

“Drink heavily with locals whenever possible.” – Anthony Bourdain

It always takes me a month or so to process a trip like this. Looking back now, this was truly an adventure. The travel was not easy on the way there. I had a sinus infection and thought my head would explode when we’d land or take off (and I did that six times). I had aggravated my IT band on my snowboard the day before and was in a lot of pain. Travel is not always easy, but, for me, it has always been worth it and this trip was no exception. 

The days that we had there were so full of new experiences and getting to know my new friends. When I arrived on the ferry (that took six hours and left at 1 AM) Nina picked me up and brought me “home” to our little Airbnb. I walked in smelling like essential oils, but not the good ones. The ones that smell really strong and terrible that are for immunity, like oregano… A lot of it. Possibly not the greatest first impression, but my friends thanked me for boosting their immune system. 

It was cold, I was cold… all the time, but it was okay. It was even (somehow) great! I loved that we were on the ocean and in a fishing village. I loved the narrow roads (so much gratitude to my Norwegian friend, Nina, for driving!) and the surprises around every turn. We had coffee and sandwiches in quaint bakeries and learned about Norwegian foods in the grocery store. I ate so much bread and cheese and loved every bite. I like you, Norway!

We cried and screamed with joy when we were lucky enough to capture these lights. After all our planning, it was a chance encounter and we had all of 40 minutes to get our shots. There was a full moon and we were worried that it would take away from the color if they even made an appearance. Instead, the moon illuminated the mountain and the lights danced all around them. The next day we talked about how we all felt like we had over-edited our images when we saw them on Instagram, but then we realized IT WAS THAT GOOD!

This was my second opportunity to travel to Haiti with Community Health Initiative (CHI). This time around I had the chance to see and feel the country and the people a little more deeply, understand the way clinic runs a little bit more clearly and to move through the uncertainty that traveling in a third-world country can bring, more easily.

It’s so hard to put this experience into words. Fortunately, I have quite a few pictures that can do most of the talking for me!

Most memorable for me was the four-mile hike in smoldering heat to a village in the mountains for clinic. From there I had the chance to visit a home another two miles up with a man who walked to clinic with his son riding on his shoulders. My host had little to offer in way of amenities but passed me a chair and with a wide smile, he patiently answered my many questions through our awesome interpreter, Jack.

On other days, in Do Digue, we watched kids laugh and play in the rain; sing, dance, and parade through clinic with contagious laughter. We saw over 1200 patients as a team of both medical and nonmedical volunteers, Haitians and Americans. Our patients came to clinic from miles away, missed a day of work and some even carried their babies over mountains (and more mountains!) to get there. Sitting in and listening to the providers interact with the patients through our interpreters was one of my favorite things to do. We saw everything from high blood pressure, injuries from moto accidents, painful toothaches (painful no more thank you Dr. Hillary Mendillo), a birth, and everything in between. The providers were exceptionally patient while listening to their concerns, asked questions about their lives that had nothing and everything to do with their ailment, and carefully explained the treatment plan. Our hope is that those who were seen slept a little better that night.

Our fabulous Haitian staff showed up each day to take part in clinic. They shared many stories about their culture and their lives; and asked about our families and life back home. Getting to know these friends a little better this year was another great highlight of this trip. There are beautiful, resilient, hard-working men and women who I am so proud to call friends.

Thank you to everyone who helped get me there with donations, supported my family while I was away, and asked about my trip or welcomed me home when I returned. Thank you a million times over to our CHI staff, especially our amazing team leaders Jill McDonald Roeder and Joshua White and our ED Annie Willemsen Vander Werff. I am so grateful for your amazing leadership and direction. To say I learned a lot by watching you three run this trip is a huge understatement. My CHI friends, both new and old, I love you. Thank you for the talks, the laughs, the tears, and for sharing this experience with me. You will forever hold a place in my heart…. Until the work is done!

After 24 long hours of travel I couldn’t wait to get back home to my girls and my amazing, always supportive hubby … but I already can’t wait to get back to This beautiful place. Mesi Anpil, Haiti!

Final blessings from India before leaving for home …

Started with a visit to Shivananda Ashram with friends. Said my good-byes before journeying off by myself for the day. I found my perfect malas, had chai with the store owner while he finished them, and then watched the sunset while soaking my malas in the sacred Ganges River. 

Still feeling short on words about my incredible journey, but am full of gratitude. Thank you Kirsten Warner for trusting me to document the spirit and sites of this trip, to my India sisters for opening your big hearts and arms to me, and especially to my family for not only encouraging me to go but also sharing in my excitement. India is total chaos and pure beauty…there is so much more to experience and I’ll be back for more someday. India has my heart.