Hello, welcome!

I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Caroline! I’m deeply curious about humans and nature. My photography background is rooted in my love for storytelling. I studied journalism in at the University of New Hampshire, but it was the darkroom where I spent most of my time. I spent hours alone, listening to music, and learning how to process photos of my friends and surroundings. After graduating from college, I left for Colorado. I told my parents I’d be back in six months.… I’m still here!

After my daughter was born I had a new reason to pick up the camera. Seeing how quickly my daughter was growing, I found a new story to tell. I discovered that the most honest photos were those that were not staged. There is a familiarity and attachment to the shots that I have of her in her first year. Seeing these photos brings out the memory of this sweet spot in life. Motherhood was new to me and the world was new to her. We both had a lot to learn!

Shortly after daughter number two joined our family I was leaving yoga and read a quote on the wall, “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” I was grateful to realize the answer was clear to me. Soon after, I quit my full-time job and dedicated myself to turning my photography hobby into a career. I failed often in those first couple of years, but my curiosity and passion always moved me forward… And so here I am, ready to tell your story.

This isn’t about me though, this is about you and your story. My goals are to make our time together feel fun, and to deliver photos that bring you joy… like BIG joy! Please reach out and let me know how I can help.

My favorite things!

  • Parking lot happy hour after mountain biking
  • Paddling boarding at sunset
  • Watching my daughters and my husband play music together
  • Backcountry ski days with my dogs
  • Bluegrass festivals
  • Night walks after dinner
  • Hut trips
  • Historical Fiction
  • Ski days at Mary Jane with my family and my framily
  • A local IPA after a day of adventure
  • Chasing The Northern Lights
  • Traveling anywhere!!!

Hut trips!

Any day in the mountains with my family is a damn good day. We have seen some stunning mountain landscapes and connected over the struggle that can accompany reaching these destinations. Snow margs, game nights, breakfast burritos, and reading in my sleeping bag are wonderfully restoring for me. I’m always reminded of we lucky we are to live and Colorado… and that my teens actually enjoy doing hard things with us.


When I’m not actually traveling, I’m thinking about it. I’ve been to Haiti, Nepal, France, Iceland, India, Norway, Ireland, Alaska, Costa Rica. I’ve driven to the east coast to Colorado three times and have road-tripped all over the western states. I pull lots of inspiration from these trips. Sometimes I get to travel for photography. There’s nothing more exciting for me than exploring the world through my camera.

Hikes with my pups!

I hike a lot, and since most of my humans can’t take off on weekdays (the nice part about working weekends during wedding season) my pals, Winter and Daisy, join me on many hikes around Boulder. I like to say it’s where I do my best work. I can think through upcoming work and consider how  I can improve my business to best serve my clients. The very best hikes are the ones that include my husband and teenage daughters, but my dogs are often my steadfast companions.

Let’s Connect!