My favorite photo I’ve ever taken is of my grandpa and my sister. I was seven. I cherish it. (Read about why I love it here: What is your “why”? )

I’ve always loved a good story. I studied Journalism in college. I spent hours at a time in a quiet darkroom at at the University of New Hampshire printing photos of my friends and surroundings. After graduating from college in 1998, I left for Colorado. I told my parents I’d be back in six months… I’m still here.

My best days are spent outside adventuring with my girls, husband and dog. I love the rain because it reminds me of “home”.  I once met my husband in Nepal for a long weekend. Flash mobs make me cry. I swam the gnarliest part of the Colorado river after being pulled out of our raft by a five gallon water cooler . I love coffee and wine equally. I met my husband in Aspen. He met me in Denver.

After my daughter Cassidy was born I had a new reason to pick up the camera, and this time it was digital. Seeing how quickly my daughter was growing, I found a new story to tell. I discovered that the most honest photos were those that were not staged. There is a familiarity and attachment to the shots that I have of her in her first year. Seeing these photos brings out the memory of this sweet spot in life. Motherhood was new to me and the world was new to her. We both had a lot to learn.

Right after the birth of my second daughter, Sierra, I was leaving yoga and read the quote “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” The answer was clear. Soon after, I quit my full time job and dedicated myself to turning my photography hobby into a career.

The opportunity to tell a story through photography has been a natural fit for me. I feel so fortunate to do something that I am completely and ridiculously passionate about. Even better, I get to share that passion with others. This, to me, is happiness.

My hope is that our session feels like a play date with your loved one(s) and your photos bring you to a place that feels like love, home and happiness.

(photo credit: Abelardo George. Taken in Haiti, 2016. For more pictures of my trip to Haiti with CHI visit my gallery: HAITI )