Ashleigh and Rick, your day was mind blowing. Your details were other worldly; your dress, stunning. Your friends and family were charming, so kind, and felt like mine. The venue and backdrop to your ceremony took my breath away. The party and the toasts after your ceremony were heartfelt, funny and brilliant. BUT… the very best thing about this day, my most favorite detail … is the love you share for each other. I am the luckiest photographer on earth that I got to be there when you first saw each other on your wedding day. That moment, with its’ emotion, excitement and overwhelming love was truly amazing to witness. I’m honored that I was able to be the one to document the celebration of your love for each other, your friends and family standing by your side in support, and the tears of joy you shed when you first saw each other, and then the tears again when you exchanged vows. My friends, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for trusting me with these moments. So much love to you both!
A huge shout out to the amazing Elizabeth Restauri (AKA… Viper) and Total Imagination Events. Liz, as always, you went above and beyond to make this event the best day ever for Ashleigh Seppa and Rick Seppa. I’m so grateful to work by your side. Thank you and congratulations on an amazing day!
Thank you also to the following people who had a huge part in this day…
2nd photographer – Laura Anderson Thank you, my dear friend. You are a joy to shoot with.
DJ – @ DJRIPM Joshua Nathan Estrada OMG. Liz said you were good… but holy Shi*t.
Flowers- Statice Floral Design Amazing blooms. Amazing.
Hair- Amber Coutee You were fabulous, Amber. I hope to work with you again!
Dress- Little White Dress I mean, that dress!
Venue- Black Mountain Lodge, ABasin Meredith (or, white rabbit), you were fabulous!!!
Keith Hemeon You always kill it. Love you both.